Become a PATS Pet Therapy Team

“Our goal is to make people smile — by remembering pets of days gone by, or laughing at my dog’s big wet nose as she greeted them. It’s about the moments of connection.”

- Kimberley, PATS handler

If you are…

Over 16 years of age and have a healthy and well-trained pet who loves people and handles unfamiliar situations well, you and your pet may be candidates to become a PATS Pet Therapy Team.

Dogs must:

  • Be friendly and comfortable in unfamiliar situations

  • Enjoy meeting new people of all ages, and be relaxed around other dogs

  • Be at least one year of age

  • Have lived with their handler for at least six months

  • Be up to date on vaccinations as recommended by their veterinarian

  • Be on a parasite control program for fleas, ticks, and worms

  • Be clean, healthy and well-groomed

  • Not be fed a raw-meat diet

  • Pets other than dogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Becoming a PATS Pet Therapy Team is a three-step process:

  1. Self-screening and virtual introductory session
    After determining that you and your pet meet all the self-screening requirements above, attend our virtual introductory session for interested pet therapy teams.
  2. Complete the PATS Application
    The application process includes completing a Criminal Record Check for the Vulnerable Sector, providing references, and attending a vet assessment.
  3. Orientation & onboarding
    Once we have received the results of your vet assessment, you will be invited to an in-person orientation, which will include a pet behavioural assessment. Following this session, the board will approve each team, and you will be administered your PATS ID badge and bandana.

IMPORTANT: PATS is not an accreditation organization. Registering with PATS allows a pet and their handler to engage in pet therapy activities organized by the society only.

Completion of the PATS application process does not confer any special status or certification on the pet or handler. There is no recognized certification for therapy or emotional support animals in B.C.

PATS is grateful to partner with BabyDog and Tomey K9 services, who generously donate their time to deliver pet behaviour assessments for new pet therapy teams. Please contact info@babydog.ca for more information about therapy pet training and behaviour.

Babydog and Tomey K9 Services

Support the delivery of pet therapy services in your community with a tax-deductible one-time or recurring donation.

Our pets bring joy to people of all ages and backgrounds through visits to health care facilities, care homes, retirement communities, schools, universities, private residences and more.