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Everyone can benefit from the joy and relaxation that comes from interacting with a pet.

At PATS, we believe the unconditional love and acceptance offered by a pet has the power to transform lives by promoting emotional, physical and social well-being for our clients.
Research shows that petting a dog or cat can reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, improve cognitive focus and ease stress, anxiety and depression.

PATS Pet Therapy Teams visit individuals in their homes, health care facilities, care homes, retirement communities, schools and workplaces.

Our Pet Therapy Teams are available for pet therapy visits, activities and special events. Under the direction of a registered therapeutic professional, we can also provide comfort to clients following a crisis or traumatic event.

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“Our goal is to make people smile — by remembering pets of days gone by, or laughing at my dog’s big wet nose as she greeted them. It’s about the moments of connection.” - Kimberley, PATS handler