Sasha is a 10 year old Jack (Jane) Russell, born and bred in the UK. She travelled to Canada with me in 2006 and we resided in PEI. She became a therapy dog by accident in PEI. I had been asked by the Legion to give a short talk at a school for children with special needs. I entered for my first visit hesitant yet curious with no idea what these children would ask or say to me. During the Q&A one of them asked why I had not brought in my dog. They had seen her in the van as I drove into the parking lot. I asked the teachers and they said certainly. Well, the love and attention of these kids really opened my eyes. They were all wheel chair bound but that did not stop them from asking Sasha up on their laps. She loved it and that is how she started.

Here in Victoria last week we visited a Villa. One 84 year old Korean War Veteran, who is bedridden, allowed us to speak with him. Sasha put her paws on the bed and he could reach her ears. He then asked me to place her on the bed. Sasha immediately lay down beside him, rolled over and he stroked her tummy for about 20 minutes, as he shared tales of his life and his dogs. These types of meetings fill me with pride, that we can assist someone even for a few minutes. Their eyes light up at the site of an animal. We hope to do this for many more years.  ~Robby, partner of Sasha