My Tribute to Maude Sissie Connors

A Poignant Epitaph

Sometimes sharing heartbreak and knowing others understand the pain of a loss helps. This is my tribute to Maude Sissie Connors, Black Lab Retriever (January  29, 1986 – July 8, 2001)

It’s been one year Maudie since you had to go. Remembering you each and every day of this past year I constantly think of Rainbow Bridge. Our Rainbow Bridge is where we will meet someday and go on once again.

I think of you in silence when I’m walking, when I’m driving, when I’m working, and most of all when I’m gardening in our yard. I so often speak your name. Maudie you were my best friend, you were the best. The sadness, my silent tears flow each day. No one will ever know. You were the best.

You had a way about you. You had a way of showing you were the most trusting and loving friend anyone could have in their life.

Maude thank you for the years behind me, when you and your sister were in my life. Our retrieving and walks at Jennings Lane and Topaz Park, Our daily venture in the Blenkinsop Valley. Our fun years now memories.

Sissie, wherever Heaven may be I pray you are with your sister Candy Girl. I feel your presence beside me daily, unseen but near.

I remember, I begged you not to leave. Then I begged God to please get me through this past year.

I’ll always love you. I’ll forever miss you. Whatever I do, wherever I go, there you will be. So Maudie, wait for me at “Rainbow Bridge” just beyond the moon.

Love always Mal (Dad)