Joy, a Springer Spaniel

This story is written by Niki, who takes Dad’s dog Joy in the Hospital to visit with Dad. Joy though gets called in to give therapy to others as well. The power of pets is overwhelming.

While at the hospital, a couple of days ago, a woman was walking along the hallway. She heard the pitter patter of Joy’s claws on the floor, and said “Is there a dog in here?”. The nurse said, “Yes, she is visiting over there”. Well, I walked out with Joy, and her face lit up. You see, she has been in the hospital visiting her husband who had been in a truly horrific accident, at night, with some loose horses. To make a long sad story short, he had a head injury, and was scheduled for surgery. She asked if we could visit her husband, to which I agreed. The look on her face when he saw the dog, and smiled, made her smile from ear to ear. It was so powerful. You see, Joy wiggles her little body like a smile that goes from the tip of her brown nose to the tip of her frilly Springer Spaniel tail. No questions, just Joy.

Yesterday, she came in the room and told us what she had been going through. Just before she heard the pitter patter of Joy’s paws, she had been feeling very very down. She had just been to the car, to get a new ticket, and found a nasty $25.00 fine on the car. This, on top of the bad news of her husband’s condition, had made her miserable. When she saw Joy, she said her spirits just lifted like a lead weight off her shoulders.

Yesterday, she came and asked if Joy could visit her husband once more. I took Joy into see her husband, and Joy jumped up onto the bed and snuggled down next to him. The relief on both their faces was terrific.

Dedicated to Gerry in whom a dog’s love and the love of dogs knows no emotional boundaries.