Ean’s Long Distance Visit

When you’re looking at a face like his, how could you not feel calm already.  Ean, the Therapy dog along with his owner Jan Cook stopped in for a visit to our studios in Dryden today to talk about Ean’s day job and what he does with his time in Dryden.  While vacationing in Dryden Jan and her husband Don put Ean to work, during the Dog Days of Summer and the Dryden Public Library.  While the librarian reads to the children, Ean makes himself at home in the middle of the children to allow them to pet him and to keep everyone calm.  While not vacationing, Ean is hard at work through the Pacific Animal Therapy Society in Victoria, B.C. visiting being read to by Grade 1 students, visiting local nursing homes and hospitals along with de-stressing University and College students at exam time.  Watch for Ean at Dryden Days of Summer tomorrow, Thursday, July 14th as well as next week for his final visit to Dog Days of Summer at the Dryden Public Library.