A True Gift of a Lifetime

I acquired my first Irish (Ch. Kulana Felisha – Erin) some twenty five years ago and she gifted me with lifetime treasures. The list is endless but this would have to be one moment that has been one that I cherish and think of just about every day.

I started visiting at the Priory Hospital in Langford and this one day just wasn’t into going but felt we should so off we went. We had done all the hallways except one with little response from anyone but as we turned down the last hallway a wave from the far end made us excited so we carried on down to say hello. Half way down the hallway I heard footsteps and a lady in her fifties called out and we stopped to chat. Her mom had been in and out of a coma for four days and she probably wouldn’t even know we were there but they had had Irish for years on their farm and I took Erin in to see her. I was thrilled at this request and had Erin stand at the bedside.

The daughter took moms had and gently stroked Erin’s head with it. After several times of doing this, we heard a small noise from the mom and her eye lids fluttered a bit. Erin shuffled a bit closer to the bed and there was more movement of the eye lids and her eyes opened. Amazingly powerful medication! The daughter removed her hand and mom continued to pet Erin while tears rolled down our cheeks. Moms head turned slightly towards Erin and in a very soft voice she said ‘She’s beautiful’ at which the flood gates opened. Erin’s legs finally tired and she needed down. The daughter hugged us and we said our goodbyes. The mother passed away later that evening we learned when we came back a couple days later. I feel so very grateful to be able to share my dear dogs with so many in this way.

I look forward to these days so much and now Digger and Gypsy get to feel the hands and love from so many hearts that they touch. Digger is such a hit and I am so proud of him as he floats down the halls stopping to place his head on the laps of so many. We place part of a cookie on the foot of one fellah who’s squeals with delight and his whole body convulses with joy as Diggy takes the cookie and he says ‘More, give him more’. We were told this one gent sits in front of his tv 24 x 7, communicates rarely and has little mobility. Not so true when a dog is within reach. He almost bent to the ground to reach Gypsy’s back where he massaged back and forth on her back as she wriggled with joy at his touch. And he asked if Digger was good, did he listen. So we did a couple downs and sits to which he said ‘Oh, he is very good’. I passed Diggers leash to him and said ‘Well of course, he’s your dog’. He’s pretty proud to take his dog down the halls to visit others. I feel so honoured to be able to share my dear dogs in this way. ~Linda Bexson