A Tribute to Toby

Toby was my inspiration for PATS. He was just a young pup when he was brought to the hospital where I worked. Our volunteer coordinator was the one who trained him and she did a great job. It is hard on a dog in a facility as they are on alert 24 hours a day and there are so many people to care for so they can get very tired. We noticed this with him after about three years. Then there was a hit and run in the parking lot and we had to retire him due to his injuries. He still visited whenever he could and just before his death he visited his old haunts with us. He was in his 17th year when he passed away and he will be remembered as a wonderful friend to everyone. His smiling face is on our logo -freckles and all. Toby’s contribution to pet therapy will not be forgotten. Thank you, Toby. ~Sadey