Emergency Preparation for your Pets

Are you prepared for an emergency? How about your pets?

Dog owners should have all vital signs recorded somewhere so that you know what is “normal” for your dog. Vital signs include temperature, heart rate and breathing rate. For example Kayla’s normal pulse rate is 114, her temperature is 101.3 F and her resting breathing rate is 24.

Dog owners should have pictures of their pets as well as copies of vet records, microchip and tattoo numbers in their grab and go bags. Some people suggest a photo of you and pet to prove ownership.

It’s very helpful to have your pet crate trained prior to an event so they can be contained and comfortable. It is also very helpful if your dog has been trained to accept a muzzle (easiest way is to have a high value treat at the end of the muzzle so when the dog’s head goes into the muzzle a pleasant surprise is at the end).

Disaster Kit for your Dog:

Adjust as needed to suit other pets in your household.

  • Food for 3 days (minimum) up to 7 days
  • Water for 3 days (minimum) up to 7 days
  • Poop bags for a week
  • Cleaning supplies to disinfect hands and dishes
  • Blanket
  • Toy
  • Prescription medication for at least 1 week
  • Muzzle for dogs
  • Vet records
  • Id tags
  • First Aid Kit
  • Grooming supplies including shampoo and brushes
  • Crate
  • Photos of pets
Check these links for more information about emergency preparedness:
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