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Teddy Lovejoy

January 1997 – July 10, 2011

“Friendliest Dog in Fairfield Award” – 2001 
We said good bye to Teddy today in the sunshine of our yard. He was such a sweet loving soul and will be missed by so many dog and human friends who were touched by his gentle nature.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France”We who surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Yet we would live no other way, and cherish memory as the only certain immortality.” – Irving Townsend

A Sad Day for PATS

Submitted photo Sadey Guy, is pictured here with Toby, the first PATS therapy dog. Guy founded the PATS program 25 years ago.

For all those volunteers who have been with PATS for some time, and were honored to know our founder, Sadey, we have just learned that she passed away November 17th, returning to her room after some tests.  Apparently she simply went to sleep.

So, in honor of her non-stop commitment to this Society and all it meant to her, please take a moment to reflect on your meeting with her, and your times with her.  I for one, know she will be missed, but not forgotten.
She was an inspiration here on Earth, so now too she will be the same in Heaven.  Her journey here is ended, now she begins a new one with her loved ones there.   May she find all the animals in heaven to help her with healing there.
The family is planing for a memorial tea sometime in the spring 2016.

To All Our Members, Past, Present and Future

PATS Has Moved

Pacific Animal Therapy Society for the past 27 years has existed in the small second bedroom in Sadey Guy’s (our Founder) mobile home in Sidney.

Sadey had to take a giant step back out of the lime-light due to ill-health. To ease the load, and not have her health issues hampered by phone calls and faxes, the Executive Committee has decided to move PATS.

This is a very exciting time for PATS, as we will be changing the future with this move!  We have 16 (sixteen) prospective members waiting in the wings, so we are still moving up and forward.

We are now at our new PATS office which is located  for business at 550-2950 Douglas Street, Office I (eye). The office will not be manned on a regular basis at this time. Mail can be sent to the new office location.

New phone number: 250-590-9082

New fax number: 250-590-9087


It is there that you will be able to: renew your membership, donate to our charity, purchase inventory: – t-shirts, sweat-shirts, dog & human tags, and view our of past events and future planned events.

Rest assured that everything we do as therapy pet owners remains the same as before, only our location is changing.

We will endeavour to maintain a status quo for phone numbers, our website.

Stay tuned here for the future news — and the GRAND RE-OPENING of PATS in it’s new location!