In April 2008 PATS celebrated 20 years of pet and volunteer visits within the community. PATS pets and their owners gathered at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health for a trip down memory lane that included pictures, video presentations and memorabilia. In addition to celebrating the history of the organization, volunteers celebrated the outstanding work of Sadey Guy, founder of PATS.

In 2001 Sadey received the Vera Award sponsored by the University of Victoria Centre on Aging, this Valued Elder Recognition Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to humanity, society, and community. A tree with a plaque honouring Sadey has been planted at the University of Victoria.



PATS Mission

The Pacific Animal Therapy Society (PATS) mission is to enhance the quality of care given to our clients by our visits with pets.

PATS believes that

  1. Our visits bring pleasure.
  2. Our visits provide an opportunity for reminiscing.
  3. Our visits are relaxing and therapeutic.
  4. A meaningful and strong bond of friendship will develop between the volunteer, clients and pet.
  5. Visits stimulate the client to enter into other social interactions.
  6. Visits will make the client fee well and help to stimulate them to get back home (where applicable).
  7. Our visits will be coordinated and consistent.
  8. Our volunteers will receive the opportunity to have workshops by health care professionals.
  9. A PATS member is always available for the volunteer to talk with and answer any queries regarding the program. Also, emotional support will be available should it be needed due to loss of a client or pet.